Patients & Visitors


Going Home

To assist with your transition home, early discharge planning is essential. Our experienced nursing staff is available to assist with planning and arranging your care needs after you leave the clinic.


Day of discharge

Patients are normally discharged before noon. Discharges after noon may incur a fee. However, day patients and those awaiting transfer by ambulance or review by doctor are exempt.
Before you leave your room, please ensure that you have:

  • Your medications
  • X-rays/scans
  • All personal belongings
  • Any post-discharge care information sheets
  • A follow-up appointment with your doctor if required



The discharge process involves several procedures which might take up to 2 hours to complete. Your nurse will assist you in the process.

An approval from your doctor is required to start your discharge process. On the day that your doctor advises that you are ready to go home, you are required to clear all outstanding bills at the cashier.